Savas Georgiadis was born in Limassol 1975. He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts, Department of Painting under Professor D. Mytaras and he graduated with honors. He was granted a 5-year scholarship (for the whole duration of his studies) from the State Foundation for Scholarships (ΙΚΥ).



Individual Exhibitions

1998            Limassol Municipal Library Building, 

                  “Ktirio Pylavakis”, Cyprus            

2002            Memoria Personae, Athens Art Gallery 

                  Marilenas Liakopoullou
2005            Vews of Truth, Athens Art Gallery 

                  Marilenas Liakopoullou

2006            Tzamia-Krystalla Art Gallery, Chania, Crete

2006   gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus

2008            Drawings, Athens Art Gallery Marilenas 


2011            Limited Edition, Apocalypse Gallery, 

                  Nicosia, Cyprus

2012            City of Birth, Zacharias Gallery, 

                  Limassol, Cyprus 

2014            Waiting Room, Athens Art Gallery 

                  Marilenas Liakopoullou

2016            Women, Εvripides Art Gallery



Group Exhibitions

1993            Εpilogy, Peter’s Gallery, Limassol 

1995            Εpilogy, Peter’s Gallery, Limassol 

2000            ΕPΑSΚΤ, Α΄ Art Workshop, Athens

2001            Young artists and Vyzantios, Athens Art 

                  Gallery Marilenas Liakopoullou

                  Β΄ Lemesia, Municipal Gallery, 

                  Limassol, Cyprus

                  Gallery Morfi, Limassol, Cyprus

2002            “30x40”, Athens Art Gallery Marilenas 


2003            The New Frontiers of the European Union,
                  Municipality of Athens, Gazi 

                  The rape of Europe, Luke and A Gallery, 

                  London, curator: Μ. Rogakos

                  Coup de Coeur, Αthens Art Gallery Marilenas 

                  Liakopoullou, curator: E. Αlexakis

2004            OdePindArt, Αthens Art Gallery Marilenas 

                  Liakopoullou, curator: E. Αlexakis

                  BP Portrait Award 2004, National Portait 

                  Gallery, London
                  Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, 


                  Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen

                  Royal West of England Academy, Bristol

2005            Near likeness, Approaches to a portrait 

                  of Antonis Benakis, Benaki Museum 

                  ART ATHINA  2005

2006            Crossing the Borders, State Museum 

                  of Contemporary art, Thessaloniki, 

                  curator: T. Moutsopoulos

                  Once upon a time there was Penelope Delta

                  Athens College of Greece, curator: Iris 


2007            Sights of the figure, Indications 

                  of the Landscape, Anthony & Asia

                  Hadjioannou Collection, Municipal Gallery,

                  Chania, curator: Iris Kritikou

                  Homeland, Benaki Museum, curator: 

                  Iris Kritikou

                  Outlining the Dionysios Solomos

                  Moschandreou Gallery, Mesolongi,

                  curator: Iris Kritikou

                  Outlining the Dionysios Solomos, Sala del 

                  Camino, Venice, Italy, curator: Iris Kritikou

2008            Aegina the island of Painters, Cultural Center 

                  of Athens “Melina”, curator: Iris Kritikou

2009            Happened in Athens, Cultural Center 

                  of Athens “Melina”, curator: Iris Kritikou

2010            Johannes Gennadius & His World

                  Gennadius Library, Athens,

                  curator: Iris Kritikou

                  Human Limits, Cultural Center “Melina”, 

                  Municipality of Athens, organized by 

                  “Mikri Arktos”, curator: Iris Kritikou

                  Tracing Istanbul, The Holy Theological 

                  School of Halki, Pringiponissa & Sismanoglio 

                  Megaro, Istanbul

                  Τechnopolis, Athens, Curator: Iris Kritikou

                  Deconstructing the Canvas, Inventing the 

                  Image, Anthony & Asia Hadjioannou 

                  Collection, Thessaloniki Municipal Gallery,

                  curator:Iris Kritikou

2011            The Truth is always Adsurd, Rafic Tribute 

                  to Alexandros Papadiamantis, Cultural Center

                  “Melina”, curator:Iris Kritikou

                  Christmas Stories, Institute of Visual Arts 

                  Tsihrizi, curator: Iris Kritikou

                  Bodies & Places, Anthony & Asia 

                  Hadjioannou Collection, Hellenic Foundation 

                  for Culture, Berlin, curator: Iris Kritikou

2012            Images for Greece that lasts, Alliance 

                  for Greece, curator: Manos Stefanidis-

                  Maria Xanthakou

2013            Incidents IV, Anthony and Asia Hadjioannou 

                  Collection, Cyclades Gallery, Syros,

                  curator: Iris Kritikou

2015            Only you Erotokritos, Τeloglion 

                  Fine Arts Foundation, Thessaloniki, 

                  curator: Iris Kritikou

                  The oak session /Art on barrel, 

                  Ζappeion Hall, curator: Iris Kritikou

                  The fairy tales world of Hans Christian

                  Andersen, Ιanos Art Gallery,

                  curator: Iris Kritikou

                  Ploes 21 “Νepenthe and Eothina” Institution 

                  of Petros and Marikas Kydonieos, Andros,

                  curator: Αthena Schina

                  “Colors of Greece” the muses at the 

                  Hambtons in New York, curator: Irene


                  Colours of Greece Consulate General 

                  in New York, curator: Irene ΒVantaraki

2016            The Kapodistria’s case, National Historical 

                  Μuseum, curator: Iris Kritikou


Number of his paintings can be found in Benakis Museum, Vorres Museum and in private collections in Greece and Abroad.

Over the 2006-2007 period he made copies of paintings for the full length feature film El Greco by G.Smaragdis.